The Laws of Consciousness



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Humanity is at a crucial moment. Within our socio-political climate, people are actively searching for the meaning of Truth itself. They need answers to life’s big questions. Moreover, they don’t simply want to address the question of how the Universe works, but also receive real answers to the specific question of how the Universe works in their lives. The Laws of Consciousness is an ideal invitation for this target audience because it provides these answers.

These are the questions answered by The Laws of Consciousness:

How does one manifest reality? What is the fundamental process between thought and action that creates the reality we inhabit as energetic beings having a human experience? Is the Universe intelligent, and how is its intelligence expressed in our own? Moreover, how can we maximize this intelligence to address the spiritual yearning and paradigm shift that humanity is desperately crying out for right now?

This book merges the realms of Spirit and Science and delivers such in a way that is accessible to a world looking for the wisdom and understanding needed to raise its consciousness. This book invites the spiritual-but-not-religious into a dialogue that uses the same kind of nomenclature which has helped scientific and academic communities discover the types of solutions that are making our world a better place. With this renewed perception humanity can finally manifest the better world that we envision in our minds which is so different from the conflicted and confused reality that our collective actions are currently creating.



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