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“The Laws of Consciousness” is a six-part video series that merges the realms of Spirit and Science. This project aims to raise the consciousness of humanity and bring together the spiritual and scientific communities using a common nomenclature.

The hosts, Ozie Cargile and Charles Hopkins, present concepts from their co-authored book, with illustrious VFX animations and a cinematic orchestral score composed by Cargile.

The episodes are designed to provide real answers to the big questions of life, each following the story of an anonymous character who’s personal struggles, discoveries and triumphs embody the esoteric concepts narrated by the hosts. The literary and visual style is “stream of consciousness” with creative intercuts between the stories and our guides, like a poetic music video with narrative voiceover. It’s both deep and accessible.

All contributors to the campaign will receive early access to the series..

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Discover the answers to life’s most profound questions with “The Laws of Consciousness.” This groundbreaking book is your key to unlocking the wisdom needed to manifest a better world. As we stand at a crucial moment in human history, understanding the connection between thought, action, and energy is paramount. This book will guide you in harnessing the intelligence of the Universe to elevate your consciousness and create the reality you’ve always envisioned.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this vital paradigm shift. Whether you’re spiritual-but-not-religious or simply searching for a deeper understanding of existence, “The Laws of Consciousness” will empower you to transform your life and the world around you. Available in both book and audiobook formats, you can easily integrate these profound insights into your daily routine.

Take the first step towards a brighter, more harmonious future by purchasing “The Laws of Consciousness” today. Embrace the wisdom that lies within and join the growing movement of awakened individuals, united in their quest for truth and enlightenment.


Ozie is a member of The Majestic Increaser of My Strength and co-author of The Laws of Consciousness with Charles Hopkins. In the Laws of Consciousness, Ozie and Charles Hopkins delve deep into concepts that are widely considered enigmatic by spiritual and scientific communities, providing invaluable insights into fundamental aspects of existence, which challenge readers to rethink their perceptions of reality and embrace a more enlightened perspective on consciousness.


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