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As a stand-alone piano method or as a complement to the video course by the same name, the Quicklessons Piano Course is designed for beginner and intermediate students who want to learn how to play piano by ear. Taught by award-winning composer/pianist Ozie Cargile, this course includes 145 lessons that focus on the skills needed to hear, play, chart, and improvise your favorite songs, as well as your own music.

Each lesson is clear and concise, featuring easy-to-read keyboard diagrams that show you where to place your fingers, so that you can start playing piano right away. With daily practice, you’ll learn all the scales and chords needed to put great melodies and harmonies together. You’ll also learn the music theory behind these, which will empower you to join jam sessions at your leisure.

Be inspired as you learn to read chord charts, studying a variety of standard chord progressions from popular music genres, including rock, pop, R&B, hip hop, classical, gospel and jazz. All this, combined with ear-training sessions and tips for singers/songwriters, makes Quicklessons the best course for learning how to play like a pro in no time!

Quicklessons will help you finally realize your dream of playing piano and jamming to your own songs, just like you hear them in your head.



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