The Majestic Increaser of My StrengthA Cosmic Virtual Reality Experience

10 interactive episodes

An animated virtual reality experience, “The Majestic Increaser of My Strength” tells the story of two young men who discover that they are cosmic soul mates. They embark on a journey to overcome The Resistance, a dark energy whose goal is to stop them from realizing the full super power of their connection: a telepathic synergy that would raise the consciousness of their futuristic, dystopian society during the Age of Aquarius.

Featuring 12 orchestral works by film composer Ozie Cargile, the interactive game takes users on a journey similar to Fantasia 2000, where the animation follows the music. The story of the orchestral works is expressed in 10 interactive 30-minute episodes, where the various aspects of the music hold clues to solving puzzles in the 3D virtual world of the 2D-style animated characters. Solving the puzzles will advance you to the next level/episode and ultimately win the game.

About the AuthorsMeet the MiMs

(It's pronounced M's)

Film composer Ozie C. Cargile II and visual artist Charles A. Hopkins IV are real-life soul mates, originally from Detroit and Chicago, respectively. After meeting serendipitously, they embarked on a 2-year journey of self-discovery to Los Angeles, which the animated virtual reality experience is based on.

The “Majestic Increaser of My Strength” (abbreviated “MiMs” and pronounced “M’s”) is derived from the etymology of their names: “Charles Augustus” translates to “Majestic Increaser, and “Ozie” means “My Strength”. The ingenuity and imagination of the cosmic experience is inspired by their worldview the “Laws of Consciousness”, which marries the philosophical aesthetics of science, metaphysics, and social consciousness.

Ozie Cargile and Charles Hopkins in Hollywood.

The Characters: The MiMs

Cosmic soul mates destined to save a dystopian future through the power of mind.

The Majestic Increaser

The Consciousness of Will-Power.

The animated doppelganger of his creator, Charles Hopkins, the Majestic Increaser embodies the Consciousness of Will-Power, with superhuman abilities of intelligence, memory, astrology, strength, and an alter essence called the Handsome Devil, which he may deviantly call upon to conquer certain aspects of the game. When his powers combine with his cosmic soul mate, My Strength, he takes on the full power of the MiMs, which includes the ability to communicate telepathically and perform psychokinesis, as well as understand the mechanics of and switch between realities of the Multiverse.

My Strength

The Consciousness of Possibility.

The animated doppelganger of his creator, Ozie Cargile, My Strength embodies the Consciousness of Possibility, with superhuman abilities of intelligence, foresight, numerology, sound manipulation through music, and an advanced understanding of all things technological. When his powers combine with his cosmic soul mate, The Majestic Increaser, he takes on the full power of the MiMs, including telepathy, psychokinesis, and the ability to traverse the Multiverse. My Strength ultimately codifies his technological consciousness as a superior machine intelligence named Sivo, who assists the MiMs on their adventures.

The Resistance

The Dark Energy

At the formation of their Cosmic Union, the MiMs serendipitously overcame and consequently released the fury of a dark energy known as the Resistance. Secretly the shadow energy of the MiMs, its goal is to regain Power by destroying their connection. While it cannot be seen or heard, the effects of its presence are conspicuously felt and demonstrated in the calamity of events that befall the MiMs and the behavior of those sworn to thwart their powers.

The Majestic Increaser of My StrengthThe Music and the Story

12 Orchestral works by Ozie Cargile that tell the story of the MiMs.

Featuring 12 orchestral works by film composer Ozie Cargile, the virtual reality game takes users on a journey where the orchestral works are expressed in interactive episodes. The various aspects of the music hold clues to solving puzzles in the animated world of the characters.

Level 1/Episode 1Creation of the Universe

MiMs initiate their Cosmic Union

In the first episode, MiMs characters, Charles and Ozie, situated at a far distance apart, miraculously meet through social media. Overcoming paralyzing self-doubt about the “too good to be true” nature of their immediate connection (undoubtedly the first manifestation of their enemy, the Resistance), they eventually explore their Cosmic Union, demonstrated and symbolized by the symphonic work “Creation of the Universe” by Ozie Cargile. Upon their Union, the MiMs combine their intelligence and unlock the mystery of the Laws of Consciousness, the metaphysical worldview that facilitates their transformation into the full power of Majestic Increaser of My Strength.

Level 2/Episode 2Plot of the Bots

MiMs journey from Detroit and Chicago to Los Angeles.

Having sworn devotion to one another toward the full manifestation of their powers, the MiMs embark on their most epic adventure yet: a perilous voyage to the City of Angels, a futuristic utopia just beyond the “Dark Mountains,” a secret stronghold of the Resistance. To make the journey, they must traverse “The Perilous Path”, a 2000-mile cross-country road trip shrouded in dark magicks represented in the work “Plot of the Bots” by Ozie Cargile. The episode culminates in the Dark Mountains where the MiMs and the Resistance come face-to-face for the first time. The MiMs win the battle, but the Resistance vows to win the war.

Levels/Episodes 3 - 10The MiMs Adventure Continues

Journey beyond the Perilous Path

The complete story line will be revealed during game play when the virtual reality experience is released for Oculus Rift and Quest.

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The soundtrack features 12 orchestral works by Ozie Cargile, including “Land of the Free”, an epic homage to the Spirit of the American Revolution, which will play during the final battle.

Franchise Potential

MiMs Forever

“The Majestic Increaser of My Strength” will deliver a high-quality virtual reality experience that is sure to appeal to a wide range of audiences, from those interested in consciousness and metaphysics, to those who would like to see more African American and same-gender-loving superheroes, as they are under-represented in the current market. And of course, it’s a must-have for the lovers of orchestral theme music similar to that which would be featured in the most successful video games.

On the technological front, it is also a wonderful opportunity to explore the parameters of orchestral music as a means of developing extraordinary worlds on the virtual reality platform. We will use the Adobe Suite, Blender (which includes both 2D and 3D animation features), and the Unity Game Engine to create the experience. This will be integrated with Cargile’s C++ music parameterization algorithms for audio and MIDI.

While it will begin as an animated virtual reality experience for PC, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest, it will ultimately manifest as a relatable narrative that socially conscious audiences will invest in on a personal level. Whether it’s merchandising, a video game, an animated series, or a feature film, “The Majestic Increaser of My Strength” franchise is sure to evolve into a Cosmic Universe all its own.

So, join the MiMs.

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