Ozie Cargile

Humanitarian, Technologist and Composer

My Philosophy on Life.

Life is a game. There are no rules but the ones you make. If you make a rule, make sure it’s founded on sound principle and science, and be prepared to break it when it no longer serves your conscious motives to live a better life. Be friendly, but don’t take bullshit. In love, be vulnerable. Accept the inevitability of loss and sorrow, and be ever-conscious of the privilege that is gain and happiness. Savor each moment…

 Know your enemy and his tactics. Be prepared to manipulate both. Time and health are the greatest gifts. Never abuse them. Honor your teachers, who may or may not be your elders. And when the time is right, be sure to teach others, passing along the knowledge you’ve gained to those who should rightly inherit the spoils you’ve won in the game. Finally, in life, death and all things, to thine ownself, be true. -Ozie Cargile

The Secret to Manifestation

Discover The Laws of Consciousness

Watch this interview of Ozie Cargile on the Way of Will John podcast and learn to unlock the power within you.

Creation of the Universe

A Symphony by Ozie Cargile

Experience the sights and sounds of the Cosmos through this stunning symphony visualized.

Who is Ozie?

An Exclusive Interview

Meet the MiMs

The Majestic Increaser of My Strength is a virtual reality experience featuring 12 orchestral works by composer Ozie Cargile.

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