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A journey through life, love and music.
JULY 9 – 22, 2019
Ozie Becomes Sundance Fellow
Composer/pianist Ozie Cargile is one of eight fellows selected to participate in the prestigious 2019 Sundance Film Music and Sound Design Lab directed by Peter Golub in collaboration with Skywalker Sound.
FEBRUARY 20, 2019
Collaboration with Victory Boyd
Cargile collaborates with Victory Boyd, orchestrating string arrangements for her upcoming album.
JANUARY 7, 2019
Ozie Moves to Los Angeles
Ozie drives over 2000 miles from Detroit to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of film composition.
Ozie Scores Reflection
Ozie scores “Reflection“ an animated short directed by Sydney Bergman and produced by Hannah Park. The story is about a high school girl who tries to give up what she loves so as to fit in, until her reflection comes to life to remind her of her true self. It currently has more than 13 million views on YouTube.
AUGUST 12, 2017
Creation of the Universe
Cargile releases Creation of the Universe as a video presentation curated and edited by himself.
NOVEMBER 16, 2016
Quicklessons Piano Course Book Released
The 352-page course book is released on Amazon.com
JULY 19, 2016
Cargile Scores “My Life Matters” Campaign
Cargile’s work Solidarity is used to underscore the “My Life Matters” campaign by Blackout for Human Rights lead by Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler.
DECEMBER 14, 2015
Ozie Sings in LG V10 Commercial
Cargile’s appearance and vocals featured in internationally syndicated commercial produced by HitRECord for LG’s new V10 smart phone.
NOVEMBER 24, 2015
The In-Between Moments Short film
The In-Between Moments Short film
Cargile appears in collaborative short film all about those beautiful, unexpected little moments that happen in-between the important stuff.
AUGUST 3, 2015
Ozie in Vienna
Cargile he successfully completes the Hollywood Music Workshop in Baden, Austria, where he took classes in orchestration and arranging with Conrad Pope and Nan Schwartz.
MARCH 18, 2015
Quicklessons DVD’s Released
Cargile releases Quicklessons DVD’s on Amazon.
Quicklessons Becomes Top Piano Course on Udemy
Ozie’s Quicklessons Piano Course becomes the most popular piano course on Udemy.com with more than 10,000 students enrolled around the world.
MARCH 12, 2014
Cargile Scores Cornerstone Documentary
Cargile composes the score for “Open Doors“, a documentary by the Foundation for Community Inspiration and Cornerstone Schools in Detroit. The film directed by James Witcher explores the success of the Cornerstone arts program headed by Kathy Ferris, where all students at school learn to play a musical instrument.
JANUARY 16, 2014
HitRECord on TV Premieres on Pivot
The Emmy Award winning series featuring music composed by Ozie Cargile, premieres on Pivot cable.
JANUARY 7, 2014
Hans Zimmer Features Cargile’s Work
Cargile’s competition entry “The Door Opens” is featured in the Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Contest. The Panel of Judges includes Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Junkie XL, Jacob Shea, Russell Emanuel and Steve Kofsky.
APRIL 19, 2103
The Sound of Detroit Electric
Cargile completes the theme for the Detroit Electric Car Company, which is later featured at the Shanghai Auto Show.
JUNE 5, 2013
“Bring it Back!”
Cargile presents “Bring it Back” a dynamic music video celebrating Detroit’s Rebirth. It is presented to Dan Gilbert’s Opportunity Detroit campaign in collaboration with Cedric Berry, James Witcher, Nolan Mersier, and Jonathan Parks.
DECEMBER 9, 2012
The Paid Piper
Cargile premieres an animated short featuring his music. This was done a collaborative project on HitRECord.org, based on the classic Pied Piper Story adapted by Sarah Daly (Metaphorest with a twist ending.
OCTOBER 12, 2012
Cargile Wins G-Technology Competition
G-Technology™ Announces People’s Choice And Category Winners For Its 2012 ‘Driven Creativity’ Competition. Cargile’s Voyager: Post-Apocalyptic Messenger wins the Professional Music Category.
APRIL 17, 2012
Turn It Around
WXYZ-TV Detroit premieres the official theme of its Detroit 2020 broadcast, Turn it Around by Cedric Berry, featuring Rock Nation managed by Ozie Cargile.
JANUARY 16, 2012
Strawberry Bootlaces Premiers at Sundance
The HitRECord golden-age collaboration between David Sugarman, Ozie Cargile, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the HitRECord family premieres at Sundance.
OCTOBER 27, 2011
Hevn and Urth
Ozie premieres animated short featuring his underscore to the voice over performed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It tells the story of two stories that fall in love and create the universe together.
October 10, 2011
HitRECord Fall Formal at the Orpheum in Los Angeles
Ozie Cargile accompanies Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance of Morgan M. Morgansen’s Date with Destiny at this star-studded event.
MARCH 12, 2011
Song for Humanity World Premiere
In 2010, Boulder Symphony Music Director Devin Hughes commissioned Ozie Cargile to compose a choral orchestral work to serve as a precursor to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Song for Humanity is premiered by the Boulder Symphony on March 12, 2011 in collaboration with the 120‐voice Boulder Chorale, conducted by Maestro Devin Hughes, to great applause.
Ozie Creates Piano Course
Ozie releases “Learning Piano for Songwriters and Composers, which would later become the Quicklessons Piano Course. The course for beginner and intermediate students focus on teaching yourself to play piano by ear, in addition to reading chord charts and sheet music.
JANUARY 16, 2009
Cargile Named Composer-in-Residence
Cargile is the composer‐in‐residence for the Black Pioneers in Music Performance operatic concert series produced by Fred Peterbark. Program features Cargile’s orchestral works The Audacity of Hope and Epoch: Opening of the Heavens performed by the Lamont Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Lawrence Golan in Boulder, Colorado.

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