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The Majestic Increaser of My Strength is a virtual reality experience featuring 12 orchestral works by composer Ozie Cargile.

Ozie at Skywalker

Recording film cues at the legendary scoring stage.

"Una Pieza" recorded at Skywalker Sound.

Cargile awarded a 2019 Sundance Film Music and Sound Design Lab Fellowship.

Composer/pianist Ozie Cargile is one of eight fellows selected to participate in the prestigious 2019 Sundance Film Music and Sound Design Lab directed by Peter Golub in collaboration with Skywalker Sound. Ozie worked on cues with film composers Marco Beltrami and James Newton Howard. He also scored scenes from “The Hunt”, a documentary directed by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw.

To my Sundance Skywalker family, our time together was truly a lifechanging experience for me. Not only was it a unique opportunity to explore the art of storytelling through picture, music and sound, it was also a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with all of you. I am comforted by the fact that our departure from the ranch was not an ending, but rather a new beginning… the beginnings of our journey together. I look forward to continuing with you. Love, Ozie

Creation of the Universe

A Symphony by Ozie Cargile

Experience the sights and sounds of the Cosmos through this stunning symphony visualized.

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